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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

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No sexism racism homophobia

No sexism racism homophobia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it only me who’s finding the Mail’s coverage of this story (see previous post below) about sexism among highly paid sports commentators (knock me down with a feather) more interesting than the story itself? And definitely funnier.

Following on from the ludicrous ‘female linesman’ label, the paper blithely continues its ‘pot calling the kettle black’ schtick with the following headline gems:

Off duty: Girl ref in sexism storm
(Just reverse that for a second: Boy ref in sexism storm)

And, in even bigger point size on page 6:

The lady ref and another own goal by soccer sexist Andy
(And reverse: The gentleman ref and another own goal…)

Oh, and finally, a picture caption for you on the same page:

Linesman Sian Massey

Girl? Man? Lady? Never let it be said that the Mail does not have an open mind and isn’t keen to embrace all options.

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