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We’re crowdsourcing: submit your poem!

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Just in case any Wordwatchers out there are feeling poetic …

Bennison Books

2blue-logoBennison Books is crowdsourcing poetry! No, we don’t want your money: we want your words.

We plan to publish an anthology of poetry written by both published and unpublished authors. As long as your poem is in the English language and no longer than 50 lines, it will be considered for inclusion. Shorter poems are especially welcome.

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31/03/2016 at 8:45 pm

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Out now: Ghost Writings

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GhostWritings06I know, I know, I haven’t posted for ages and to add insult to injury this is blatant advertising. But in mitigation… oh, who I am kidding, there is no mitigation.

Anyways, here it is: the latest Bennison Books publication: Ghost Writings. I’m kind of proud of it. It took ages to do and it’s got lots of good stuff in it:

  • detailed introductory notes by a bona fide expert, Neil Wilson;
  • lots of author biographies, including the acknowledged ghost story masters as well as literary giants who wrote in the genre;
  • a section on female writers’ enormous contribution to the genre;
  • a recommended reading list (not for the faint-hearted; make sure your doors are locked);
  • M. R. James’ essay about ghost story fiction;
  • an entry on the mysterious ‘B’; and
  • a brief overview of research into supernatural phenomena and some of the more famous first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters.

Available for Kindle at  Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Available now: Wordwatch for Kindle

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Wordwatch for KindleWell, the cover looks good… (that bit wasn’t me).

Here’s the blurb:

This is a basic guide to writing well. Aspects of grammar and punctuation that commonly cause confusion are demystified in plain English. You’ll find clear instructions on the correct use of possessive apostrophes, commas, speech marks, hyphens and semicolons.

Other topics include the subjunctive, split infinitives, and the difference between ‘fewer’ and ‘less’. You can also learn more about active and passive sentences; commonly used foreign words and phrases; and word classes, including nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Also included is a brief, no-nonsense guide to politically correct language.

Coming soon: a paperback version.

Available on Amazon.com and Amazon UK.



Introducing… Bennison Books

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I don’t know what came over me, but it’s done now and there’s no going back: I’ve created an epublishing empire.  (When I say empire, I don’t actually mean empire. As such. Yet.)

Anyways, Bennison Books is a labour of love. It has three imprints:

  • People’s Classics
  • Contemporary Classics
  • Non-fiction

You’re very welcome to visit Bennison Books or follow Bennison Books on Twitter.

Many thanks!

I’ll still be posting here at Wordwatch Towers too.  Many thanks, as ever, to everyone who follows and reads Wordwatch.


Stop press: The Bennison Books Kindle edition of The Yellow Wallpaper is now available on Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

A good book is a blessing


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